15000pa Multifunctional Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Powerful Suction HEPA Filter Wireless Vacuum Cleaner for Car Floor Household - 200545

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15000PA multifunctional handheld vacuum cleaner powerful suction HEPA filter wireless vacuum cleaner for car floor household

Product Introduction:

Power: 600W

Rated voltage : 7.4V

Rated Power:120W

Dust cup capacity: 0.12L

Vacuum Degree:16KPa

Wire Length: About 4M

Net Weight: 1.3KG

Assembly method:According to the instructions, insert the host, pipes, and floor brushes into each other in sequence.

Usage method:

Plug in and turn on the switch.

Rotate to remove the dust bucket.


A Host of portable, Easy to hold for a long time not tired.

Multi-angle Rotation, Easy to clean up deas corners.

Multiple cyclone filtration system exclude clean air

The noise is reduced to 70 decibels, not disturbing the family’s good dreams.

Noted: The filter element can be cleaned and reused with water, and must be dried before use.



Dust Box Capacity (L)

<0.5 L

Voltage (V)


Power (W)



Wet and Dry

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