200W 50Bar Cordless High Pressure Car Washer Spray Water Gun 20000mAh Battery Foam Generator Car Washing Machine for Home - 10000mAh EU plug

10000mAh EU plug20000mAh EU plug

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200W 50Bar Cordless High Pressure Car Washer Spray Water Gun 20000mAh Battery Foam Generator Car Washing Machine for Home

Product specifications:

Product voltage: 21V
Power: 200W
Battery: 10000mah/20000mah/30000mah
Product resistance: 60/80 points
Water pressure: 50BAR Peak: 70BAR
Spray distance: 7-10 meters
Product functions: car wash, floor wash, watering, bathing pets, painting, etc
Packaging method: boxed
Packaging size: 28 * 22 * 13cm
Product size: 41.5 * 23 * 6.2cm
Product material: ABS+hardware
accessories list: gun barrel * 1+nozzle * 2+5 meter water pipe * 1+water connection * 1+filter screen * 1+Makita battery * 1+charger * 1+body * 1


1. High capacity lithium battery: This high-pressure water gun has a large capacity lithium battery that can be continuously used for up to 60 minutes in one charge, making it very suitable for outdoor use.
2. Powerful pump design: Equipped with an 18D plunger pump and an 18mm plunger diameter, this automatic water gun has excellent pressurization effect and energy storage, with a high-pressure range of up to 10 meters.
3. Multifunctional nozzle: The high-pressure gun has a multifunctional nozzle with various water types and adjustable pressure, suitable for different applications. The cordless design also allows for greater flexibility and freedom of movement.
4. High performance motor: With its 3000W all copper motor and a maximum speed of 20000rpm, this portable car gun can operate continuously without overheating, ensuring a long service life.
5. Dual purpose self priming: The electric high-pressure cleaning machine adopts a self priming design and can be used with any water source, including bucket water and soda bottles. Thanks to its dual nanofiltration system, it can ensure deep filtration and extend the machine’s lifespan.


10000mAh EU plug, 20000mAh EU plug

With Water Pipes


Water Spray Type


Body Material

Engineering Plastic

Handle Type

Finger Type

Brand Name







10000mah/ 20000mah

Water pressure

50BAR Peak: 70BAR

Spray distance

7-10 meters

Product material



ar wash, floor wash, watering, bathing pets, painting

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