Anima Mundi Viridem Greens Detox Elixir – GI & Liver Detox Liquid Supplement, Natural Herb Cleanse with Chlorophyll, Moringa + Organic Chlorella – Add to Juice & Alkalizing Teas (4oz / 118ml)

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  1. anima mundi

    We pride ourselves on creating some of the highest quality plant tonics, powders and remedies on the market. Our herbalist-run and operated company uses responsibly sourced ingredients from small and ethical farms in North, Central and South America, India, Thailand, and more. We specialize in crafting high potency liquid extracts, extract powders and teas that are produced with certified organic, wildcrafted non-toxic ingredients.

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  5. founder


    Owner & Herbalist

  6. Are your products vegan and gluten-free?

    Yes! Our entire facility is gluten-free and vegan. We only use 100% botanically derived ingredients.

    Are your products certified organic?

    Not everything is certified organic, yet everything that we source we ensure that it’s true quality. About 30% of our herbs are wildcrafted, and 70% are organic.

    Are your formulas sweetened?

    No! The vegetable glycerin is naturally very sweet. That is the sweetness you’re tasting. The only “sweetener” that we use sometimes is actual stevia leaf, like in our tea.

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2 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), 4 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

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