Barbell 48 In. Super Curl Weight Bar, - Silver,United States


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The Super Curl Bar is designed to offer several different grip and hand positions while targeting the upper body, specifiy the triceps, biceps, shoulders, and back. Perform a variety of exercises, including curls, triceps extensions, skull crushers, preacher curls and more. The design of the super angled shaft on this curl bar aids in developing upper arm mass while decreasing pressure on the wrists and hands. Crafted from solid steel with a chromed or black powder coated finish and included ring collars to secure weights when going heavy, this curl bar is built to hold a maximum of 200-pounds. The diamond knurled 25.4 mm handgrips offer a tight, non-slip grip. The rotating sleeves with bushings spin when in motion, reducing pressure on the forearms and preventing the bar from warping. The Super Curl Bar is designed to accommodate Olympic weights with a 2-inch center hole. Weight plates are not included. ed for home use.
Barbell 48 In. Olympic Super Curl Bar,

  • Target the biceps, triceps, back and chest muscles with this Super Curl Bar
  • Crafted from solid steel with a chromed finish for durable, long-lasting performance
  • Medium-depth diamond knurling for non-slip grip during workouts
  • Use for triceps extensions, curls, skull crushers, and more
  • Accommodates Olympic plates with 2-inch center hole
  • Super angled shaft allows several different grip widths and hand positions
  • Revolving sleeves are designed to reduce pressure on wrists and prevent bar from warping
  • Ring collars are included to secure Olympic weights on the curl bar


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