Car Wash Accessories Splash Proof Stainless Steel Nozzle High Pressure Water Gun Nozzle Soft Rubber Sleeve Sector Nozzle - white 040

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· Brand new and high quality

· The washing nozzle adopts high quality stainless steel material, which is anti-rust and durable.

· 4PCS different kinds washing nozzle can meet you different washing needs and increase the cleaning efficiency.

Different kinds nozzles with different colors, which are easy to distinguish them.

· The 0 degree nozzle has great pressure power, which is suitable for cleaning the wheel or other gaps. The sector nozzle has high pressure and wide washing area, which is suitable for cleaning car body. The no pressure big sector nozzle is suitable for cleaning car in close distance.

· The washing nozzle is suitable for 1/4’’ diameter sprayer or washer.


· Type: washing nozzle

·Color:red(0 degree)+yellow(15 degree)+green(25 degree)+white(40 degree)

·diameter of aperture:0.97MM(025)、1.07MM(030)、1.15MM(035)、1.24MM(040) 、1.4MM(055)、1.45MM(060)

(When you place an order, you should look carefully at which type to buy!!!!!Or contact to our customer service)

·Suitable sprayer diameter: 1/4’’

· Pressure Range: under 200bar(3000psi)

· Construction Material: stainless steel and Soft rubber

· Yi Fun Car Washing Tools Store(our store) promise the products will be shipped out within 5 days.

· Yi Fun Car Washing Tools Store(our store) promise the products will be delivered within 60 days. Usually it will be delivered in 2-4 weeks.

Customer Service:

If you have any problem.You can contact our customer service or leave a message24-hour!!!


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Brand Name

Yi Fun

product name

Sputtering-proof nozzle


stainless steel and Soft rubber

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