Chimney Cleaning Brushes Set Head and Rod Detachable Chimney Sweep Tools for Fireplace Flue Dryer Vent Sewage Pipe Fume Hood - A 13Pcs,CHINA

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Product Name: Chimney Sweep Set
Colour: Black
Brush Material: Nylon
Pole Material: Nylon
Rod Length: 41 cm
Brush Diameter: 10 cm
Bristle Length: 4 cm

【Material】Our Chimney Sweep Set is made of nylon material, which has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, aging resistance, and corrosion resistance, which increases the whipping efficiency.

【Efficient Cleaning】Compared with conventional cleaning, our chimney cleaning brush set cleans more powerfully, can remove more dirt, and handles all fume hoods and stainless steel linings much gentler.

【Removable】The chimney sweep is easy to disassemble and assemble. It can connect multiple poles to unfold the cover, which is easy to disassemble and assemble.

【Flexibility】The chimney sweep can perfectly bend through these difficult exhaust vents, and can be used with electric drills. With greater rotational force

Style A
Package Include:
11 x Nylon Rod
1 x Brush Head
1 x Hexagonal Bar

Style B
Package Include:
10 x Nylon Rods
1 x Brush Head
1 x Hexagonal Bar

Style C
Package Include:
18 x Nylon Rod
2 x Brush Head
1 x Hex Bar

Style D
Package Include:
18 x Nylon Rods
2 x Brush Heads
1 x Long Brush
1 x Drill Connector


A 13Pcs, B 12Pcs, C 21Pcs, D 22Pcs

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Chimney Sweep Set


Household Cleaning


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