GE 3-Outlet Wall Tap

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GE 3-Outlet Wall Tap

From the manufacturer

small compact three 3 outlet outlets adapter extender

3 outlet outlets adapter plug wall tap

3 outlet outlets extender adapter tap wall plug

3 outlet outlets adapter wall tap plug extender

Expand Your Outlet

Turn one outlet into three with the GE 3 Outlet Plug Adapter allowing you to power triple the amount of electronics from one plug

Easy Access Design

With an outlet on 3 sides of this wall adapter cube, plug standard to bulky 3 prong plugs in each of the outlets


Take this handy adapter with you to work or school to make sure you have all the outlets you need to power your laptops, cell phone chargers, tablets and smartwatches

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3-Outlet Cube Plug, White 3-Outlet Cube Plug, Gray 3-Outlet Cube Plug, Black 3-Outlet Horizontal Plug, White 3-Outlet Polarized Cube Plug, White 3-Outlet Horizontal Polarized Plug, White

Available as 3 Pack

Available as 5 Pack

Available as 10 Pack

Grounded / Polarized





Polarized / 2 Prong

Polarized / 2 Prong

Product description


3 Pack, 5 Pack, 10 Pack, 1 Pack


Black, Gray, White


3 Outlet, Grounded Cube, 3 Outlet, Grounded Horizontal, 3 Outlet, Polarized Cube, 3 Outlet, Polarized Horizontal

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