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➡️ Why choose epilator

The epilator helps you achieve permanent hair removal and smooth skin by breaking the hair regeneration cycle. It is very gentle and especially suitable for first-time users or to treat any area

● Safe and no side effects.

● Gentle and effective shrink pores.

● Compared with some traditional hair removal methods, it provides a painless process.

● Has a permanent effect, compley removes excess hair after thorough treatment.


● 999,999 flashes long-lasting hair removal: enough for life-long and whole-body use.

● 5 levels of energy adjustment to adapt to the skin of the whole body.

● IPL pulse light zero dead angle of depilation IPL laser passes through the skin surface to the root of hair Nang, and the light energy is absorbed and transformed into heat that destroys hair Nang tissue.

● Manual/automatic light : Two modes will meet your needs for different hair removal parts.

● Effective in 8 weeks, smooth skin without dark spots: be patient: you will not see the effect soon. Please be patient and stick to use it for 8 weeks to see the effect.

● LED The screen shows the number of remaining shots and the amount of charge.

➡️ Advantages IPL epilator

IPL pulse light: directly acts on the hair follicles. The light energy is converted into heat energy and absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles, generating instantaneous high temperature. Designed to help break the hair growth cycle by targeting hair roots or hair follicles, helping you achieve permanent hair removal and smooth skin.

➡️usage time

● Within 1-4 weeks (2-3 times a week), the hair will decrease sharply by 75% and begin to grow slowly.

● For 5-8 weeks (1-2 a week), the hair becomes thinner and smaller to maintain smooth skin.

● 8 weeks (once a week) 8 weeks of clean hair bid farewell to repeated hair removal.

➡️ Home epilator

999,999Flashes:IPL intense pulsed light is directly irradiated on the hair follicles. The light is suitable and gentle to prevent hair growth, safe, no side effects, and painless.

● The epilator is a specially developed hygienic hair removal option that still has the same strength as a professional beauty center.
This means you don’t need to go to the salon, interact with technicians, or share a bed with countless other clients. Home hair removal allows you to get silky smooth skin in your own time and in your own space at a great price. With an epilator, you can get professional results at a very low cost.

➡️Suitable for the whole body

Unlike similar products on the market, this ultra-powerful laser hair removal for women is permanently suitable for all body parts, including sensitive skin areas such as bikini lines, face, neck, armpits, arms or legs.

● Underarm hair gradually becomes thinner and less after use

● Leg hair becomes thinner and less

➡️ Say goodbye to traditional epilators

Traditional hair removal equipment emits light at a single high-power frequency, destroying tissues and allowing less light to reach each hair follicle.

● Other methods such as beeswax and razors can only temporarily remove body hair, and you can watch it grow back. The result of the IPL device is permanently visible hair removal and permanently smooth skin.

➡️ 5-speed adjustment

● 5 Gears power: This IPL hair removal has 5 adjustable energy levels to suit different skin sensitivities and treatment areas.

● For the first use, the hair removal mode is ed to start from the 2nd gear
Gradually adapt and increase the gears. It is ed to use moisturizing skin care products to moisturize the skin after about 3 to 5 times of hair removal for each part.
The skin rejuvenation mode can be used at the same time in the same way.

● Lip ations: 1-2 gears
● Underarm ations: 1-5 gears
● Arm ation: 1-5 gears
● Finger ations: 1-5 gears
● Private parts ations: 1-5 files
● Leg ations: 1-5 gears

➡️ Two modes

Manual mode single flash light lip hair, face, underarms sensitive areas such as bikinis.

The automatic mode flashes light on the limbs, back, and men’s chest hair.Direct light on the hair follicle and the colored light emits light into the hair follicle.

● Hair roots fall off The hair roots shrink and fall off gradually.

● Inhibit growth, no black spots remain, inhibit regeneration and not rebound.

➡️10 minutes

Hair removal in 10 minutes

After turning on the, there will be no obvious burning sensation on the skin, and the hair removal process is painless and ice-free, allowing you to have a pleasant hair removal experience.

➡️ Steps for usage

① Wet the hair with foam and then shave the hair on the skin surface.

② Connect the power cord and turn on the power.

③ Long press to turn on the machine, short press to adjust the gear

④ Wear gift professional goggles to protect your eyes during operation

⑤ Long press to switch between manual/automatic mode.

⑥ The lamp holder can be used for manual flashing/automatic flashing to fit the skin at a vertical angle of 90 degrees.

➡️ Hair removal effect

Will the hair become thicker after taking it off?

No, the depilator uses the principle of IPL pulsed light acting on the melanin of the hair, which can effectively inhibit hair regrowth. Some hair will grow slowly after depilation, but it will become thinner and thinner, just stick to it. Achieve long-lasting hair removal effect.

What kind of care is needed before and after use?

Shave the hair on the surface of the skin before depilation

The hair can be used directly, and the skin should be kept clean after depilation. You can perform normal skin care routines, try
Avoid sunlight.

Will the hair removal process hurt?


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