Outlet Extender With USB 3 Outlets American Power Strip Surge Protector Multi Plug Wall Outlet Travel Plug Adapter Overload - Black,CHINA


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Our Flat Outlet Adapter is designed to provide power for multiple devices, effectively preventing safety hazards while ensuring normal operation. With a long service life and easy-to-use turn with 1 button feature, this adapter is perfect for anya who needs to power more equipment.

Product name: Outlet Extender
Standard: American Standard
Number of holes: 3
Number of jacks: 6 holes
Current: 10A
Color: white, black, white black

Packing List:
1 x Outlet Extender

Due to different lighting and screen settings, the item color may be slightly different from the picture.
Due to different manual measurements, please allow a 1-2cm difference in size.

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1.Safe and Reliable: Our outlet extender boasts high-quality materials and innovative precision technology to ensure zero electric shock, leakage, or overload issues. Use it with complete peace of mind.

2.High-Temperature Resistant: Our outlet extender is crafted from excellent materials that are flame-retardant, ensuring it works safely in high-temperature environments. It won’t deform or burn, providing a durable and long-lasting solution.

3.Effortless Operation: Take control of multiple devices at once with this outlet extender. Switches on or off with a button to avoid frequent plugging and unplugging, while saving power and reducing wastage. Operate it with ease and convenience.

4.Multi-Purpose and Versatile : With our multi-port outlet extension, you can increase productivity. It is an must-have tool for both your home because of its adaptable design, which allows you to charge various devices at any time and anywhere.

5.Device Safety: This outlet extender ensures safe equipment operation by providing a stable output voltage and current, protecting against fluctuations or power outages without compromising performance.


Black, multicolor, White

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