QC2.0/QC3.0/MTK-PE Trigger USB Tester Induction Quick Charge Voltage Detector Current Capacity Power

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1. Characteristics
Qualcomm QC2.0/QC3.0/MTK-PE quick-charge power tester /Voltage trigger; the quick-charge mobile phone will cost at least 2000RMB-5000RMB, but how does the quick-charge factory test? Please let qualcomm QC2.0 / QC3.0 / MTK – PE Quick-charge Trigger simulate the quality test and aging test for expensive phones in mass production, and let the digital players DIY the usage and quality judgment.
The product has the built-in qualcomm QC2.0 Handshake Protocol, which can simulate the qualcomm QC2.0 Protocol A and B of quite expensive high-end phones in the current market. Through sending the Handshake Protocol instruction, it can support the qualcomm QC2.0 charger and charger baby to draw the voltage and show its value, and it can also output to the USB as the aging and testing; it can also draw the fixed power adapter of 9V, 12V and 20V to supply power to the corresponding equipment; there are display screen, power intensity LED light, mode switching, fixed voltage supply, buzzer hint and USB output, so that the application is diversified, and it is the perfect equipment for both manufacturer and digital player.
2. Function
A: Support the qualcomm QC3.0 and compatible with QC2.0 protocol, and long press the key to switch the different trigger function modes:
1) Output 5V/ 2A
2) Output 9V / 1.7A
3) Output 12V / 1.3A
4) Enter QC3.0 mode and press 0.2 V for increase and decrease test
B: support Mediatech MTK – PE quick-charge protocol (this mode must have 10ohm the output trigger the high-voltage high-power)
3. Operating instructions
1) Function switch and data reset: long press to switch the three kinds of measuring display modes: switch among QC2.0 / QC3.0 / MTK-PE, and press for consecutive 5 times to reset the capacitance power).
2) Long press under QC2.0 mode: short press for voltage activation switch (5V / 9V / 12V/ 20V), and double click for automatic cycle activation switch.
3) Long press under QC3.0 mode: short press to minus 0.2 V, double click to plus 0.2 V, three clicks to automatically minus 0.2 V, and four click to continuously plus 0.2 V.
4) Long press under MTK – PE mode: first double click to increase the voltage, and then click to decrease the voltage, three clicks to continuously decrease the voltage, and four clicks to continuously increase the voltage; under the mode of continuous voltage increase or decrease, short press or double click will exit the continuous increase or decrease mode and enter the static trigger mode.
Comment: the automatic factory test pattern is added, that is, the system has power memory under the automatic mode, and can enter the automatic quick measurement mode, improving the production test efficiency.
Warm prompt:
under MTK-PE function mode, D+D cable is the data connection state, and at this time, it can be used as the U disk or the common tester, so that the phone Handshake Protocol can quick charge through the tester data transfer, so if it is used as the USB tester fully, please adjust it to MTK – PE mode for normal USB tester.
This equipment draws the quick charger baby that supports qualcomm QC2.0 /QC3.0 / MTK – PE Protocol with high voltage, so the output cannot be directly used as the mobile phone charge, because the ordinary cell phone supports 5V, and qualcomm voltage is 9V, 12V and 20V, so such high voltage cannot directly enter the normal mobile phone. It is disappointing to be misunderstood due to the users’ error. Please keep in mind that this is not the quick charge accelerator, but just draws the voltage of qualcomm QC3.0 products through the instrument, and determine whether it is the real qualcomm QC2.0/3.0 charger baby, so as to help people identify it or cooperate with our aging test for the manufacturer or players. This equipment can choose the alternate aging mode and manual single-voltage trigger aging mode; under the manual mode, short press the button to send 5V/9V//12V/20V quick charge protocol; if some chargers have no 12V and 20V, it means that the charger only supports 9V, and we can accurately judge whether qualcomm QC2.0 belongs to the A Protocol or B Protocol.

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1 x QC2.0/QC3.0/MTK-PE Trigger USB Tester

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