Herbal Terra LLC Red Root (Ceanothus Americanus) Tincture, Dried Root Bark Liquid Extract 2 oz - 4 Fl Oz (Pack of 20),Alcohol-Based

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  • We produced this extract using a cold maceration method of extraction to ensure that the broad spectrum of therapeutic plant compounds – vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, flavonoids and other active constituents of the herbs are fully extracted and maintained.
  • Expertly extracted under strict quality standards and procedures from Red Root Dried Root Bark. We meticulously produce our extracts according to precise standards where each herb is extracted according to the distinct characteristic of each plant!
  • Super concentrated Red Root tincture: dry plant material / menstruum ratio is 1:3! Extraction rate: 1 ml of extract is equal to about 330 mg of dried herb!
  • We produce our liquid extracts using ONLY natural ingredients! All herbs are organically grown, ethically wild harvested, or selectively imported. Our extracts do not contain GMO, gluten, artificial colors, heavy metals, preservatives, pesticides or fertilizers!
  • Proudly made in the USA in an FDA registered facility under srtict laboratory control.

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Red Root (Ceanothus Americanus) Tincture, Dried Root Bark Liquid Extract 2 oz

Red Root (Ceanothus Americanus) Tincture, Dried Root Bark Liquid Extract 2 oz

Product description

Ceanothus americanus is a species of shrub native to North America. Common names include New Jersey tea, Jersey tea ceanothus, Red root, Mountain sweet, and Wild snowball. Ceanothus americanus is a shrub growing between 18–42 inches high, having many thin branches. Its root system is thick with fibrous root hairs close to the surface, but with stout, burlish, woody roots that reach deep into the earth—root systems may grow very large in the wild, to compensate after repeated exposures to wildfires. White flowers grow in clumpy inflorescences on lengthy, axillary peduncles. Fruits are dry, dehiscent, seed capsules.


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Alcohol-Based, Alcohol-FREE

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