Rockbye Bicycle Alarm Wireless USB Charging Bike Vibration Alarm IPX5 Waterproof Motorcycle Scooter Burglar System - 1 Set Alarm B

1 Set Alarm A1 Set Alarm B1 Set Alarm A-21 Set Alarm B-21 Set Alarm Horn-A1 Set Alarm Horn-B2 Sets Alarm A2 Sets Alarm B

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Rockbye Bicycle Alarm Wireless USB Charging Bike Vibration Alarm IPX5 Waterproof Remote Control Motorcycle Scooter Burglar System

Product Description:

Project: vehicle anti -theft alarm

Charging: USB can be charged

Wireless range: 30-60m

Built -in battery: 4.2V 700mAh lithium battery

Sound: 110dB

Waterproof: IP54 Waterproof

Working frequency: 433.92MHz

Remote control battery: WL03C: 1 27A (12V) alkaline battery

Remote control scope: maximum 164 feet (outdoor of up to 229 feet)

Product features:

● The host has a built-in lithium battery, USB-C charging, exempting the battery trouble

● The 4th version of the electricity saving technology, the remote control battery is more durable

● 3 kinds of electric ringtones, the distance from the remote control is long, which is convenient to find a car

● There are three installation methods: bracket, tie, double -sided glue, no wiring, suitable for various models

● Auto -level 6 section alarm, 110dB of large volume, effectively deterred thief

● Grade 7 sensitivity adjustment, from gently touch, to pushing beating, suitable for various occasions

● PC+anti -UV material, IP54 waterproof and dustproof, high and low temperature, not afraid of wind and rain and cold heat

PC + UV resistant material, IP54 waterproof and dustproof, high and low temperature resistance, not afraid of wind and rain, cold and heat.Bracket, tie, double-sided tape, 3 installation methods without wiring, suitable for various models!If the sensitivity is adjusted, press the [Defense] key continuously to adjust the seven level sensitivity from high to low.If the volume is adjusted, press the [horn] key continuously to adjust the third gear volume from high to low.Alarms can be installed in many places. Bicycles, motorcycles, cars, etc…

Specifications:Waterproof: IPX5Volume Level: Low, Medium, HighAuto-level Alarm Sound: 110dbConnection Type: WirelessBattery: 4.2V 700mAh Lithium BatteryRemote Control Range: 30-60mFeatures:|Security System Beeping|Mighty Mule Fm231 Wireless Driveway Alarm|Tolviviov Alarm System Review|**Robust Security System**The Rockbye Bicycle Alarm is a cutting-edge security system designed to safeguard your bicycle, motorcycle, or scooter against theft. With its IPX5 waterproof rating, this alarm is built to withstand the elements, ensuring reliable performance in any weather condition. The alarm's robust design and high-decibel 110db sound make it an effective deterrent against potential thieves, alerting passersby to any unauthorized attempts to tamper with your vehicle.**User-Friendly and Versatile Installation**The Rockbye Bicycle Alarm comes with three installation methods, including a bracket, tie, and double-sided adhesive, allowing for a hassle-free setup on a variety of vehicles. The wireless connection type means there's no need for wiring, making it suitable for a wide range of models. The alarm's sensitivity can be adjusted to suit your needs, from a gentle touch to a more forceful push or beat, ensuring it's responsive to various scenarios.**Long-Lasting Performance and Convenience**Equipped with a 4.2V 700mAh lithium battery, the Rockbye Bicycle Alarm offers extended usage without the need for frequent battery replacements. The USB charging capability means you can easily recharge the alarm using a standard 5-volt charging head, making it convenient for on-the-go use. The remote control range of 30-60m ensures that you can keep track of your vehicle from a distance, while the three volume levels cater to different environments and preferences.


1 Set Alarm A, 1 Set Alarm B, 1 Set Alarm A-2, 1 Set Alarm B-2, 1 Set Alarm Horn-A, 1 Set Alarm Horn-B, 2 Sets Alarm A, 2 Sets Alarm B




USB-C Charging

Connection Type


Volume Level

Low Medium High

Auto -level alarm sound


Feature 1

Bike Alarm

Feature 2

Anti-theft Alarm

Feature 3

Scooter alarm

Feature 4

Motorcycle alarm

Feature 5

bicycle alarm

Feature 6

Scooter alarm


7 levels



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