Swanson Coq10 100 100 Milligrams 50 Sgels

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  1. Swanson Health Products Logo

    It all began in the American heartland way back in 1969. Leland Swanson, a veteran and avid golfer, enjoyed staying active, but joint discomfort often made even simple tasks difficult. Applying midwestern grit, Leland set out to find a solution began his life’s journey of helping the world enjoy better wellness. Today, his namesake Swanson Health Products continues his vision of helping everyone maintain wellness and enjoying life to its fullest.

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    Swanson – Simplifying Wellness

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  4. What is our mission?

    Our mission is to offer innovative wellness solutions. Our experts and scientists work tirelessly to find new solutions and helpful products to support healthier minds, bodies and homes.

    What do we stand for?

    We’ve built our company on quality, transparency and innovation. Swanson stands with you in seeking wellness in all aspects of life.

    Why choose Swanson?

    We focus on naturally sourced and organic ingredients and rely on in-house scientists to develop products verified by third parties for potency and purity. We focus on naturally sourced and organic ingredients.

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